Welcome to the City of Quincy Non-Utility Invoice ePay!

Now citizens and customers can pay invoices received from the City Treasurer's Office quickly, easily, and conveniently by credit card or electronic check!

The City of Quincy Non-Utility Invoice ePay offers 24/7 access to billing and transaction history and payment services for invoices for airport hangar rental, parking lot rental, miscellaneous fire and police services, just to name a few!

To get started, choose from the Login (for existing users) or New User (to create a new account) icons at the top of this page. If you already manage your City of Quincy Utility account online, there's no need to register again to use the Non-Utility Invoice ePay! Simply Login using the account you've already created, and following the instructions on the home page to associate your Non-Utility accounts to your user ID.

If you need assistance with your account, please visit the ePay Support section on the City of Quincy's website, available by clicking the link on the left-hand menu.